Donations 2013

Below are some photos that were taken when we made the blanket and food drop off at HAWS. The staff at HAWS were so thankful and friendly, it made the whole experience worth while.  The animals at HAWS are so well looked after and cared for. HAWS, you guys do an amazing job.

The following people contributed to the donations:

  • Heidi Kidson
  • Johann Gerber
  • Jeanine De Swardt
  • Rowan Breeds
  • Petronel Slabber
  • Franziska Slabber
  • Annerie van Niekerk
  • Erica Fouche
  • Lize Van Der Westhuizen
  • Trudie De Swardt
  • Bev Boardman
  • Gary Breeds
  • Chantelle Oosthuizen
  • Melinda Viljoen

and we would like to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH”, every little bit helped!

Heidi and Jeanine