1. Why did we start the drive?
We were both brought up in animal loving homes. When we became aware of the plight of the homeless animals in the shelters, we felt the need to try and bring some warmth to these animals during our cold winters. It all started very small amongst family and friends but as we saw how desperate these organisations are we pushed each year to raise more and give more.

2. How do we choose organisations?  
There are so many animal welfare organisations out there trying to do good that we had to choose amongst them otherwise very little would go to each organisation. We choose legitimate societies COUNTRY WIDE who are actively involved in the community and make a positive impact on the lives of the animals under their care. We ensure that they share our love for the animals and to see that they have the strength of their convictions despite the overwhelming odds.

3. How do we allocate the donations?
We determine the size of the societies and ascertain how many animals are in their care. We also try and see which of them are in most dire straights and see where our donation will make the biggest impact.

4. Why do we prefer cash donations?
Over the years we have made contact with factories and wholesalers who have been exceptionally supportive of our drive. They allow us to buy direct from them at wholesale prices which is far lower than buying from retail stores. This gives us far more bang for our buck and means even more gets to those who need it. We also find that most people find it easier to just do an EFT which takes a few minutes as opposed to going out and buying goods and then having to deliver them.

5. How long does the drive run for?
This years drive runs from 1 June until 10 July 2020. We hope to have the bulk of donations in by then so that we can purchase, have the goods delivered to us so we can start distribution. We will still accept any further donations that come in after that date and make sure that they get to where they are needed most.

6. How can I be sure my donation reaches the organisations?
This is a legitimate concern and we hope to allay your fears by providing endorsement letters from some of our chosen societies. We encourage you to contact these organisations and confirm our involvement. We run this drive purely for the reason that we love animals and wanted to facilitate your involvement with the homeless animals being cared for by some very special people.

7. How much of what I give will go to the animals?
EVERY cent. We take nothing of what is collected and personally cover all deliveries to the organisations and any other expenses that are incurred. Not one cent of what is collected goes to cover expenses of any sort. This is not what we do full time but it is something we are very passionate about.

8. How can my School get involved?
We have a download section where you can print out posters and download web banners to attach to your emails and post on your websites. We encourage principles, teachers and pupils to post these up on notice boards and challenge other schools to see who can collect the most. This is a wonderful way for children to learn the value of giving back to the community. It is also a fantastic way to teach compassion for animals. Please send a mail to schools@blanketdrive.co.za if you need any more information.

9. How can my company get involved?
We have a download section where you can print out posters and download web banners to attach to your emails and post on your website. Please print them out and circulate them amongst your colleagues. Find out if your company has a social responsibility programme. Challenge other companies to see who can collect the most. A little healthy rivalry will pay huge dividends to the cold homeless animals living in concrete and wire cages. Please send a mail to corporate@blanketdrive.co.za if you need any more information.

10. If I wish to donate food and blankets, where can I bring them to? 
Please send a mail to donations@blanketdrive.co.za with your locations. We will try our best to arrange a drop off point that is close to your area. If we are too far from you we can refer you to your nearest shelter to make a direct donation. We can try and arrange collection of donations of a reasonable size.

11. Are you a Non-Profit Organisation?
As of March 2018, the Winter Blanket Drive is a division of The Dogbox Project, which is a BEE Non-Profit Organisation. (NPO: 245-289 | NPC: 2018/093590/08 | PBO: 930066701)

12. Can I obtain a tax certificate for my donation?
Yes, we are registered as an Article 18 company from 1 September 2019. We can issue a tax certificate for all donations make after this date.