Blanket Drive 2020

And so the #WinterBlanketDrive has come to an end for 2020. We did the calculations last night and we are over the moon to announce that we have reached our goal for the year! Thanks to our amazing supporters, we raised a fantastic R104 100. We are once again in awe of the amazing support over the past few weeks. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

The 2020 Drive will be from 1 June – 31 July 2020.

Due to the national Covid-19 lockdown and the economic difficulties it brought, we had to delay the annual Winter Blanket Drive. As of 1 June 2020 we are welcoming level 3 regulations, and with that we are able to open the 2020 drive to make sure we can again assist animal shelters throughout South Africa this winter.

The Winter Blanket Drive is an initiative that was launched 16 years ago to provide support to the Animal Shelters who are working at grass roots to alleviate the pain and suffering of abandoned and neglected animals. Over the years we have extended our reach country wide to over 50 shelters and organisations.

The Drive has only one focus and that is the animals. Whether it be by way of providing blankets, food, medical care, sterilization campaigns or a few toys to brighten some sad eyes. Animal abuse and neglect is rife and working in the field are many committed individuals and organisations trying to make a difference. However funds are hard to come by and this restricts the good that they can do.

Our involvement is one of support and to get what is needed to where it is needed.

We also believe that sterilization campaigns are now more important than ever. STOP uncontrolled breeding and we lessen the battle that we have to fight.

Please note: As of March 2018, the Winter Blanket Drive is a division of The Dogbox Project, which is a Non-Profit Organisation.

(NPO: 245-289  |  NPC: 2018/093590/08   |  PBO: 930066701)


The Winter Blanket Drive is involved with various organisations all of whom endorse our commitment to them. EVERY cent raised is used to help the animals, and all running costs are funded out of our own pockets. Please see the Endorsements page for more info.

We challenge companies and schools to participate in the Blanket Drive!

The Blanket Drive is a wonderful way for companies and schools to get involved and give back to those who desperately need it. In the past we have had companies rallying around this Drive with internal competitions. We have had schools running drives and creating awareness in the children of compassion towards animals.

If you raise a large enough collection we will arrange to bring a representative from a shelter to you for a formal handover. This is an excellent opportunity for media exposure as well as to learn more about what goes on in the animal rescue world. You can also sponsor bales of blankets and your company or school can take it through to the shelter.